A living concept of inclusion

Our guests will be happy to always be welcome at a special hotel.

The Freiburg Social Work Association and the Freiburg-based construction company Freiburger Stadtbau GmbH have paced the way for a consistent way to a future where inclusion means active participation of everybody in society and its processes.

People with and without handicap work together as equal colleagues. This way, they will gain a profound knowledge of the hotel as well as thrive in their job tasks and responsibilities. The atmosphere is a relaxed and happy one. This is what we consider how to succeed in life.

A regional holistic concept

Our furniture arrangements and our breakfast offers reflect the consistent realisation of our regional and ecological philosophy. A specifically created co-operative of local carpenters has manufactured all our furniture using solid ash tree. Locally sourced companies provided most of our other handicraft services. You will not find unnecessary small packaging and energy-consuming minibars in our hotel- we would like to preserve natural resources as much as possible.